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A Little About Us

We’re the premier handyman and property maintenance peeps, headquartered right here in beautiful Yellow Springs. We provide handyman services, home repairs, maintenance and installations in Y.S. and the surrounding areas.

Founded in Yellow Springs by Scott Stolsenberg and Juan Rodriguez, HomeWork was started because there was little in the way of options for people who didn’t need a full-service construction contractor, but needed someone to take care of their home maintenance needs. When a friend’s mother was forced into an extended hospital stay, they couldn’t find anyone to check in on their home for them and get it ready for their return. It was then we decided to start HomeWork, in order to give people a trustworthy and familiar face that could not just be their handyman, but the first name that springs to mind for everything home related.

We Maintain, Repair and Clean Your Home

We start with a basic inspection. It’s like a benchmark and gives us a starting point for annual maintenance. We’ll take a brief walk through your home and check things like furnace filters, softener salt, appliances, outlets, and more. We’ll then tailor make a service plan for your home that ensures all these easily forgotten things are taken care of. We’ll automatically book your appointments in the future, and remind you when they’re coming up.

Between appointments we also offer regular old-fashioned handyman services, taking care of installation, repair, maintenance and upkeep so you don’t have to!


About Scott

Scott Stolsenberg is an experienced construction and plumbing contractor with years of experience in home improvement. After a long role with an area-wide plumbing and remodeling company, Scott yearned for something closer to home and found a role with Complete Building Service LLC, a Yellow Springs based business owned by Juan Rodriguez providing high end construction and remodeling services. Together, they decided to start HomeWork to provide a true handyman service in Yellow Springs.

Scott is an accomplished photographer, wildlife enthusiast and wine lover. He supports various activities in and around Yellow Springs.

About Juan

Juan Rodriguez is a veteren of construction and remodeling, having been a member of the Yellow Springs community for decades. His company, Complete Building Service LLC provides breathtaking remodeling and construction services in and around Yellow Springs, and has an enviable reputation for outstanding work.

Juan enjoys historic motorcycles, walking and nature.

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What our customers think

Scott has done lots of work on our home and is such a lovely guy to deal with! He's always on time and is always cheerful and polite. He's changed toilets, installed drainage, repaired our water heater and painted our porch, and it's always been a pleasure dealing with him. We recommend him highly!

Mary & Jerry W.Huber Heights

We've used Scott to fix a leak under our kitchen sink and install a new garbage disposal previously, and he has just fitted a new Pella screen door for us. His work is amazing and he always cleans up! I wouldn't call anyone else!

Anne S.Yellow Springs, OH

Scott used to work for my plumbing company and was the first person I called when I broke my leg and needed some electrical work doing in our basement. He's a fantastic worker and did a great job of finding and fixing the issues we were having in no time at all!

Matt MYellow Springs, OH

We had Scott install a new toilet and bathroom sink. He was really nice to deal with and really affordable. He does great work!

Shawn J.Yellow Springs